21 Rio

2101 Rio Grande St Austin TX 78705

“Student” Is A Weird Word. When it applies to a person, it’s a great thing. Everyone likes students. But then as soon as you put it in front of the word ‘housing’, things start going south fast. And that’s because the common wisdom says student housing doesn’t have to be good. It just has to give students the bare bones of what they need to get through four years of school. At 21 Rio, we think that’s a horrible idea. Let’s Make It Better. Everyone always wants to ‘Keep Austin Weird.’ You know what’s weird? Student housing that’s actually good. At 21 Rio, we provide our residents with the luxury perks of a resort combined with an active student community you’d usually only find on campus. Each apartment features high end amenities and hip design elements. We also have features that you won’t find at other student residencies. Yeah, we have your standard business center, but we also have a pool, private balconies, and a fully pet-friendly facility. Try fitting those in a dorm. *Please note that the unit pricing shown below is the price PER PERSON/PER BED.*


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